ST Poll: Many Will Boycott Haze-linked Products

Will you boycott products from haze-causing firms? Many will, according to a street poll by The Straits Times yesterday (8 Oct).

Reasons for doing so included wanting to penalise errant companies through decreasing demand for their products and to send a signal that they are unhappy with the companies’ actions.

Of the 50 people surveyed, half said they will not buy products from companies that are contributing to the haze. 

Another 19 felt that boycotting products would have no effect, while the rest were undecided.

Executive director of the Consumers Association of Singapore, Mr Seah Seng Choon, had the same sentiment. “If every one of us plays a part, it will certainly send a strong signal to the companies. If we combine all our efforts, we will be a formidable force,” he said.

In September, the National Environment Agency began legal action against five companies believed to be behind the burning, including Asia Pulp and Paper.

Among those polled who felt that boycotting products from the firms involved will not help was student Neo Heng Wei. He said, “it doesn’t address the root problem, which is the fact that burning the trees is the fastest method of clearing the forest. Educating these workers is most important.”

Others who were undecided said that their decision depended on how much they needed those products, and whether alternatives were available.

Will you boycott products from haze-causing firms? Share your thoughts with us!

Source: “Many will boycott products from haze-causing firms: Poll”, (The Straits Times, 9 October 2015)

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