Long wait at polyclinic for Baby

My baby boy of 2 years was not well in the morning  hencefore i brought him to polyclinic to take a queue num which was at the time 1404 and i was given 1949. Waited very long and i was hesitant to sit in the seating area with all the unwell adults waiting for their turn.

I believe the healthcare for baby at government clinic or hospital to be able to provide a better fostering care n concern by having infant and children below 7 years old to be in pirority queue and a waiting area for those mother or granny to hold them rather then putting baby together with the unwell adults at the same area.

Waited for almost 2 hours before my son was seen by a gp at bukit batok polyclinic.

Kindly look into my suggestion as this kind of request is taking a bigger step to encourage couples to give birth for our nation

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