National Whistleblowing Framework

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Proposal of the establishment of a National Whistleblowing Framework/Agency

I am writing to propose for the Singapore government to come out with a national whistleblowing framework/agency.

Such framework/agency should include a standardised policy on handling whistleblowing incidents across different ministries, statutory board and other government bodies.

The existence of such framework/agency will allow individuals to feel more empowered when there is a need to whistleblow, that their identity will be protected, should they feel a need to report any wrongdoings.

Furthermore, this will help to set the tone for the private sectors as well.

The current absence of such framework have caused personal distress. Earlier this year, when I reported to PDPC and MCCY of an organisation that might be unethical and flouting existing legislations, the entire email was forwarded to the mentioned organisation, in which I was threatened with a defamation law suit shortly after by the organisation. Despite that no legal proceedings has been taken by the organisation as I did not make defamatory remarks, this incident demonstrated a need to protect individuals like myself.

I urge the relevant government agencies to look into this as it is crucial for such foundations to be in place for a country that is clean and stable.

Thank you for looking into my suggestion.


Benjamin Cai

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