More Education Pathways to Pursue Passions

The appointment of two Acting Education Ministers sends a “strong signal” that the Government aims to build more education pathways for Singaporeans to pursue their passions and fulfil their aspirations, said Acting Education Ministers Ng Chee Meng and Ong Ye Kung in a joint message to educators yesterday (5 Oct).

Mr Ng oversees pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, and junior colleges, while Mr Ong handles higher education and skills training.

In the area of schools, the goal is to “develop the whole person”, partnering parents and the community, and ensuring that Singaporeans have the drive for lifelong learning.

For higher education and skills training, MOE will do more to drive the SkillsFuture effort to support all learners. “We will discover and nurture individual talents and abilities, and give Singaporeans more opportunities to develop and deepen their skills, and achieve mastery. This will have important implications on the way people learn, when they learn, how they learn, what credentials they achieve, and how workplaces and society recognises them,” the two Ministers said.

The Ministers plan to visit schools and institutions in the months ahead to talk to the various stakeholders.

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