8 in 10 Employers sent Workers for Training

Eight in ten employers put their employees through structured training last year, setting a new record high for these training figures, according to a Ministry of Manpower (MOM) survey.

Structured training is conducted under the direction of a teacher, lecturer or course supervisor and is organised in a progressive sequence. It does not include informal on-the-job training such as observing others perform a task at work.

According to a statement released by MOM yesterday (5 Oct), data from the Employer Supported Training survey revealed that the last record high for these training figures was in 2005 and 2006, with 72 per cent of employers sending staff for training.

Employers surveyed said increased training subsidies and better workload management were their top motivations for sending their staff for training.

Most reported a positive impact of training on the performance of their staff and organisation. About 83 per cent said they found work efficiency had improved, while 92 per cent said the skills levels of employees had gone up.

Source: “Record 8 in 10 Singapore employers sent workers for training last year: MOM” (The Straits Times, 5 Oct 2015)

How can we get even more employers to send their employees for training?

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