Khaw - I Hope They Will Accept Me As Their Friend

“Our rail networks are very costly, multi-billion dollar assets. But these are not our most precious. Our most precious are our engineers, mechanics, and maintenance crew who toil day and night…” wrote newly appointed Transport Minister Mr Khaw Boon in a blog post on Wednesday (30 Sep).

Mr Khaw who was sworn in as Transport Minister on 1 Oct, noted in his blog post that the first of his many visits would be to SMRT and SBST to meet the maintenance crew, at their depots and workshops.

“I hope to know them well, understand their concerns, their aspirations. Over time, I hope they will accept me as their friend”, said Mr Khaw.

Recalling his past experience as a hospital Chief Executive Officer, during which he had spent thousands of hours getting to know nurses, attendants and paramedics. Mr Khaw expressed hope in  forging a similarly strong working and social relationship with the crew of rail operators through his visits to SBS Transit and SMRT.

Read more on Minister Khaw’s blog.

Source: "Khaw Boon Wan blogs about first visits to SBS Transit and SMRT" (Straits Times, 30 September 2015) 

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