Suggestion for Our Education System

Below is my suggestion for our new education ministers to think about:-

I find that our students may be overly penalised if they made any mistakes in our national exams.  For example, the 'O' levels - students have to study for four years in the secondary schools and have to sit for their 'O' levels in just two weeks.  If some of these students had performed consistently well during their 4 years in school, however, if they make any mistakes in the 'O' levels, they might be overly penalised.

Another side of the story is- this 'O' levels system also encourages late cramming.  Some of the students might not perform well in the four years, however, if they become exam smart and start cramming just 2 or 3 months before the national exams (maybe by doing 10 years series questions), then they are overly benefitted.

Can I suggest that 30% of the marks from our national exams come from the yearly schools' continual assessments and 70% from the national exams? 

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