Two Singaporeans detained under ISA

In two separate cases, two Singaporeans were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in August 2015 for plans to join militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The two Singaporeans were named in a press release by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) yesterday (30 Sep). Muhammad Shamin Mohamed Sidek, 29, was previously convicted for inciting violence on social media, and Muhammad Harith Jailani, 18, was radicalised by online propaganda put up by ISIS.

In May 2015, Shamin was convicted and sentenced to three months' jail for inciting religious violence through his pro-ISIS postings on social media. As he continued to express unstinting support for ISIS throughout his three-month imprisonment, he was arrested under the ISA in Jul 2015 for investigations to assess if he posed a threat to Singapore's security.

With the intention to carry out armed jihad for ISIS, Harith tried to radicalise those around him to support ISIS' cause in an attempt to recruit them to join ISIS together with him.

MHA added that “a few of the Singaporeans who have been detained had even been prepared to carry out terrorist attacks in Singapore.”

The arrests of Shamin and Harith resulted in a total number of seven Singaporeans known to have planned to join ISIS or who have joined them.

Community leaders and observers told The Straits Times yesterday that the latest arrests reflect how the threat from ISIS is persisting, and underlined the need for Muslim leaders to do more to counter ISIS.

"Anyone who is aware that someone is involved in terrorism-related activities, or who sees suspicious activities, should promptly inform the Internal Security Department (1800-2626-473) or the Police (999),” said MHA.

Read the press release from MHA (Detention of Two Self-Radicalised Singaporeans under the Internal Security Act).


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