Dr Amy Khor Steps Down as REACH Chairman

After a 12-year tenure, Dr Amy Khor stepped down as REACH Chairman on 30 September 2015 saying that it was timely to bring "a fresh pair of eyes, fresh perspectives, fresh ideas" to the table while adding that it has been a "very satisfying and fulfilling journey".

During her tenure, REACH made significant strides in reaching out to and engaging Singaporeans. REACH has made it easier for Singaporeans to provide feedback through multiple platforms, both online and offline. 

REACH’s online channels include a discussion forum on the REACH website, Facebook page as well as live Facebook Q&A sessions, while offline avenues include dialogue sessions and "listening points", which are booths in public areas such as shopping malls and transport nodes. 

Dr Khor told The Straits Times: "Instead of on an ad hoc basis, we are now able to get feedback on a continuous basis. We are able to proactively solicit feedback, and not just wait for feedback to come."

She is confident that her successor, Mr Sam Tan, who is Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office and for Manpower, will take REACH further.

Dr Khor suggested: "We can look at how we can continue to empower Singaporeans, not just to give feedback, but also how to perhaps work together with us or with the relevant agencies to implement some of these ideas."

Source: “'A fresh pair of eyes' to take feedback unit Reach further” (The Straits Times, 1 October 2015)

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