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Employment After 50s
Dear Sirs My main concern is how do we support ourselves since getting a job is harder nowadays.I am very concern on employment as I am approaching...

Employment After 50s
Dear Sirs My main concern is how do we support ourselves since getting a job is harder nowadays.I am very concern on employment as I am approaching...

Singpost Post Office Staff Attitude
choa chu kang post office singpost stuff *****s i ask for how many weight grams she says no need to ask i ask for many custom stickers she give me few...

Episode Shows Need for Stronger Laws: Heng
Lapses exposed by an audit of the Workers' Party town council show the need for stronger laws of town councils, said Minister Heng Swee Keat.

Bid to Make Thaipusam a Public Holiday Will Stir Competing Claims
Any move to make festival a public holiday again could see other communities make similar demands, said the Ministry of Manpower.

PAP cannot go easy on WP even if there is political price
While there are some truth in it, it is better for PAP to thread with caution to avoid back fire. Well, we have seen how President Jokiwi managed to ...

Views on Thaipusam Procession Wanted
The Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) and Hindu Advisory Board will hold feedback sessions, details of which are being worked out.

Unanimous Support in Parliament for Tougher Standards on Town Councils
The motion calls for higher standards of accounting, reporting and corporate governance to safeguard residents’ interests.

Code of Conduct Mooted for Debt Collectors
Government Advisory Panel for moneylending to look into conduct code for debt collectors.

Town Councils Act to be Amended to Enforce Tougher Standards
National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan says Town Councils Act will be amended for greater governance and accountability.

AHPETC recent saga in parliament 2015
It is good that the government has raised awareness of the poor governance by AHPETC to its citizen. It has brought to light the gap and inexperience ...

IPS Study: Most Political Blogs are Balanced
A new study, conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies, shows that most political blogs tend to be more objective.

Officials Use Dialect, Lingo to Reach Out
In recent months, the Government has started to adopt both dialects and Singlish to communicate its policies with certain residents.

PM Lee: Work Together to Build a Positive Online  Environment
PM Lee encourage S’poreans to make positive comments while the Media Literacy Council recognises good Internet behaviour.

Media Literacy Council Launches Bullying Prevention Website
New bullying prevention website to educate the public on dealing with cyber-bullying.

ST: Complacency is the Likely Reason for Singapore’s Litter Woes
Singapore residents and Members of Parliament offer reasons why littering is still a problem and what more can be done.

If we (Citizens, Singaporeans, and Reach-izens) don
Neighbours live in fear of Toa Payoh Lorong 8 'terror' hoarders David Sun, Andrea Seet, and Catherine RobertThe New PaperFriday, Feb 06, 2015 Th...

Vertical farming
Growing old with edible gardens at your doorstep Singapore | Updated Thursday By Samantha Boh SINGAPORE - An architecture firm has come up with a ...

3 arrested for Thaipusam Fight
Read from CNA that a fight broke out when police approached a group playing drums during Thaipusam. ------------------------------------------------...

Consumer Complaints down by 16% Last Year
The number of complaints made by consumers dipped by 16 per cent last year as consumers become more savvy

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