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Exercise Greater Usage of Electric Unicycles with Caution
The SundayLife! Report “Balancing Act” (Jan 4) makes for an interesting read as I have observed that the unicycles have been slowly gaining popularity...

PM Lee: Singapore Looking for More Ways to Discourage Smoking
The Government is studying more ways to deter people from smoking, including the setting up of designated smoking points.

New App Allows for Convenient and Swift Reporting of Municipal Issues
The Municipal Services Office has introduced a new mobile application for members of the public to give feedback on municipal issues.

Casinos, SARS are Among Best Remembered S’pore Events
Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) survey finds S’pore best remembered events as Singaporeans mark 50 years of independence.

Chan Chun Sing Has “Right Qualities” to Lead NTUC
Union leaders - Chan Chun Sing had the right qualities to lead the NTUC, but he still has to win the hearts of union leaders in the coming months.

The aims of the secretive TPP that President Obama is pushing and (who is actually a puppet of the Bilderbergs), is to make trade rules that ensure...

10 Things You Need To Know About the New Liquor Control Bill
What are the implications if the new Liquor Control Bill is passed?

Government Working to Boost Consumer Protection Laws
Consumer protection laws are being reviewed and the Ministry is looking into the possibility of appointing an agency to investigate cases.

Responses to the New Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Bill
Retailers, the alcohol industry and consumers offer varied responses to the new Bill.

Parliament: New Bill Tabled to Restrict Public Consumption of Alcohol
The New Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Bill to restrict public consumption and purchase of alcohol has been tabled.

‘Quite a few’ new PAP faces at next election: PM Lee
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said Singaporeans can expect “quite a few” new candidates at the next General Election, reported local media on Fri...

The most repressed people in Malaysia are Malay women.
Jawi, stop molesting Malay girls Mariam Mokhtar | January 16, 2015 The most repressed people in Malaysia are Malay women. COMMENT Islam ma...

Deviant ideology
Deviant ideology behind Charlie Hebdo killings FROM EDMUND KHOO KIM HOCK The militants responsible for the Charlie Hebdo massacre targeted car...

79 Complaints Received Since Harassment Act Came into Force
Two months after laws targeting harassment came into force, the State Courts have received 79 magistrate’s complaints.

Chee Soon Juan’s undeserved space in Huffington post?
Saw this on Channel NewsAsia - Minister Chan Chun Sing gave a response to popular site Huffington Post, after its publishing of opposition politician ...

Why you are Rejected for a Job?
Someone in a forum highlighted this gap exist in our society. Some of us have submitted several resumes and attended some interviews. Can candidat...

Temasek Partners STB in Major Mandai Makeover
A rainforest park and elevated walkways could be among the new features in a major makeover of Mandai.

More Action Coming Up at the Sports Hub
Besides the SEA Games, fans can also look forward to more international events being held at the Sports Hub this year.

Thought the CPF saga ended when the court ordered Roy Ngerng to pay $29,000 in legal fees and damages but saw this on Channel News Asia today. ------...

To boost tourism-Making Singapore unique in many ways
"The STB’s latest tourism sector performance quarterly report, which was released last month, showed that visitor arrivals numbered 3.6 million from A...

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