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20 Aug 2012, 5.13PM
Interesting article in yesterday The SUnday Times, page 32 by Ms. Radha Basu.

MOM statistics show that there are still close to 307,000 SIngaporeans and PR whose gross pay is less than S$1,500pm, excluding employer CPF cntributions - despite working full-time.

Of these, roughly 110,000 local workers are earning less than S$1,000pm.

If PAP Government is to legislate minimum wage of S$2,000pm, it will cost employers:

110,000 local workers x S$1,000 = S$110-million per month or S$1.32-billion per annum exclusing employer CPF contributions.

Assume another S$500pm paid to 200,000 local workers = S$100-million per month or S$1.2-billion per annum.

Then, total salary increase = $1.32 + 1 = S$2.32-billion additional employers got to pay workers.

Assume Town Councils need to foot this bill of S$1.2-billion per annum in order to pay the cleaners, gardeners, contract workers and healthcare assistants at their elderlycare centres, childcare centres and nursing homes run by Town Centres.....
Assume 1.2-million HDB dwelling units.

It works out to be = S$1,000 per annum per HDB Household.

That is, are SIngaporeans willing to subsidise all this Minimum Salary Scheme of S$2,000pm by paying:

- An extra S$1,000 per annum in S&C Charges
- AN extra S$500 per annum in healthcare cost and school fees and public transportation to subsidise these workers.

Generally, it will cost every SIngaporean Household and PR HOusehold about S$1,500 per annum if PAP Government is to legislate "Minimum Wage" Scheme.

Will it be acceptable to SIngaporeans?
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