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New Outram Community Hospital Will Focus On Rehabilitation Care
New Outram Community Hospital opening in 2020 will focus on rehabilitation and palliative care for elderly patients

SGH Appointment timing is a joke.
SGH appointment times given to patients and would be patients are a joke. My wife had an appointment given for 9.20am on a weekday, and only got to...

Diabetes cure-it works
Myfriend has diabetes.instead of medication he cut and soaked lady fingers in water.He drinks the water.His diabetes is under control.

Two Government-run Community Hospitals to Open in 2015
To improve the current model of integrated care for patients in need of rehabilitation, two government-run community hospitals will be opened.

Filipino male arrested, faces 2 charges under Sedition Act
SINGAPORE: Philippine national Ello Ed Mundsel Bello was arrested and charged in Court on Tuesday (Apr 7). He faces two counts under the Sedition Act,...

Forget about the haze...this is more deadly.
Tuberculosis and superbug strains 'ravaging' Europe, WHO warns Wednesday, Mar 18, 2015 Reuters As many as 1,000 people a day in Europe contract...

What are the Changes to Medisave?
Last week, several changes to Medisave were announced during the parliamentary debate over the Health Ministry’s budget.

dialysis at NKF--no internet surfing
wonder y there's no free at NKF dialysis centre.As the patients hv to sit there for 4 hrs for each treatment.It would be boring n wasting ...

Some personal examples of in-effective Generic Medications and the huge price range overseas makes you reconsider.
I want to raise issue with Generic Medication as my father and I are regular user of medication like Enalapril Maleate. FirstIy, I believe it is t...

Holistic Approach Needed In Healthcare
“Singapore wants to create an entire eco-system that is pro-health, so that healthy living is a default choice” - Health Minister Gan Kim Yong

More subsidy for Drugs/Prescription/Injection (in patient)
Its good we have medishield but if you are seriously ill and need long term hospitalization you will notice the main bulk of the medical bill for in p...

PM Lee: Providing Good Health Care a Challenge
PM Lee Hsien Loong says provision of good healthcare is one of the most important responsibilities of Government but is a challenge to achieve.

ST: Integrated Shield Plans – To Keep or Not?
ST Senior Health Correspondent shared some pointers to help readers decide which route to take if they are currently on Integrated Shield Plans.

More Singaporeans Benefitting from CHAS
1.2 million Singaporeans are now benefiting from the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS).

New Flexi-Medisave Scheme – What It Can and Cannot be Used for
A Straits Times article summarises what the new flexi-Medisave scheme – that will be rolled out in April – can and cannot be used for.

More Medisave Help for Elderly with Outpatient Services
A new Flexi-Medisave scheme will be rolled out in April to help Singaporeans and PRs aged 65 and above cope with outpatient medical expenses.

Rats! and it
Rat found in salted vegetables at Marina Square Chinese restaurant StompFriday, Jan 09, 2015 Rat found in salted vegetables at Marina Square Chine...

ST: 2015 will See Enough Hospital Beds for All
A Straits Times editorial piece said 2015 should turn out to be a good year, as far as healthcare is concerned.

Low- to Mid-Income Singaporeans Pay Less for Medicine from 1 January
Lower- to middle-income Singaporeans will pay less for medicine at polyclinics & SOCs from Thursday, when the new year starts.

Disposable Wooden Chopsticks is Cancerous?
Dear HPB and NUS School I saw an article on the website advising people not to use disposable wooden chopsticks, as most of them are made in China....

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