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Thoughts on Let us think: Even the bosses have to work
I watched the programme Let us think about it: Even the bosses have to work episode. I realised the participants in the forum are mainly business o...

I wonder why this series starting on 12 May 2015 is laughing out loud at the mistakes of MoM and Tan Chuan Jin. They actually tightened the FWs tha...

Legal action against data before recruitment?
Is it time for MoM to take legal action against errant companies and recruitment agencies against demands for: 1) Asking for our age 2) Our marit...

Non-transparent Hiring Process
I'm writing this post to share my experience while finding a new job as lately there have an article in regards to why finding a job takes a long ...

Employer Mindset Change Needed to Boost Skills Upgrading for Workers: Lim Swee Say
Minister Lim Swee Say calls for workers to upgrade themselves, but acknowledged it will be a challenge to get employers to change their mindset.

Singapore Must Not Leave Older Workers Behind
Besides rank-and-file workers, the NTUC will also help the growing ranks of PMETs, said new Labour Chief Chan Chun Sing.

Chuan-Jin: Critical For MOM To Manage Competing Interests
In a blog post reflecting on his four years as Manpower Minister, Mr Tan noted the need for the Ministry of Manpower to manage varying needs

Unemployment Rate Dips in Q1 2015
Statistics from the Ministry of Manpower showed that unemployment rate fell to 1.8% in March 2015.

Industry Committees to Identify and Boost Workers’ Skills
Tripartism will be replicated at industry level to help Singapore boost worker skills and firm productivity.

More Non-Residents Laid Off Amid Business Restructuring
Ministry of Manpower figures indicate a 40 per cent jump in non-resident workers being retrenched last year.

Singapore Continues to Cultivate Local Trade Talent
To ensure Singapore’s competitiveness in the global economy, it will continue to invest in developing talent across various industries.

Poll: SMEs Often Find it Tough to Attract Talent
A new survey noted the difficulty Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) encounter when trying to find and retain talent.

Help individuals discover their aptitude
We are all individuals with different strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes and talents. If an individual chooses a career that suits his talent, temper...

Views on foreign manpower policies
Have been reading the different views of employers, individuals and government on the issue of foreign manpower. View of individuals Some includ...

Drop in Number of Complaints on Unfair Workplace Practices
Compared to 2013, complaints received by Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) dropped almost 50% in 2014.

Top-down work appraisal problematic and un-meritocratic
I recently heard about the work experience of a civil servant and was dismayed to discover that in meritocratic Singapore, appraisal is a one-way, top...

Stronger Business-Labour Coordination with Lim Swee Say’s Manpower Appointment
Business leaders and unionists believe that Mr Lim’s experience in labour issues will be invaluable in his new role as a Manpower Minister.

TAFEP: Allegations of Bias Against Singaporeans Top List of Workers
Alleged discrimination based on nationality continued to top the list of complaints received in 2014 by TAFEP.

SkillsFuture: Easing Red Tape More Attractive than Giving Incentives
The SkillsFuture initiative was an ambitious, but necessary push for the country, said Management don Peter Cappelli.

Scheme Enhanced to Draw Professionals into SMEs
An existing scheme to help PMEs who are unemployed or looking to switch careers make a better transition into SMEs has been enhanced.

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