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21 Jan 2012, 11.15AM
Motorbikes are one of the main culprits for noise pollution on our roads and especially on the roads in our HDB estates.
The LTA should seriously consider looking into this matter and come up with suggestions on how to limit the noise being generated from motorbikes. 
The noise are from their engines or exhaust pipes which have either been badly manufactured or illegally adjusted to emit more noise than usual.
Motorbike companies could also be consulted to suggest the types of bikes which are environmentally friendly and only these should then be made available for sale in Singapore.
There are relatively silent motorbikes that I have seen on our roads and they should be the example for others to follow.
Once the LTA has decided/determined the level of noise that may be generated/allowed from these motorbikes, their officers on road petrol could then go into action and apprehend the errant ones and have them send in their bikes for a thorough inspection. Action can then be taken from there accordingly.
The LTA should also setup checkpoints at the causeway entrances to maintain the types of bikes allowed in.
It's about time to put an end to this most annoying and extremely noisy mode of transport on our roads and especially so on the roads in our HDB estates. Some of these riders have got no regards whatsoever of the noise their bikes generate and have also been seen to do it on purpose for their own satisfaction.
The LTA and the relevant authorities should come together and find a solution to this problem and put an end to it once and for all..for the environment and for the general public.
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