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19 Jan 2012, 1.37PM
After the election, Jurong West MPs are not handling the noise polution generated by the SAF jet fighters fronm early 8am until night 11pm. The residents would appreciate if the relevant MP could feedback and take necessary action to restrict the SAF from flying at night and flying low around the HDB. It is getting worst where the jet fighters are flying at full speed at a very low height where the noise is unbearable. Please get more MPs to stay at Jurong West Central to feel the pain and sorrows as we are receiving everyday and everynight.

If the PAP MPs or Ministers are not capable to manage this for the residents, then we will need to get help from the opposition party.
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21 Jan 2012, 11.07AM
Well it's a pity we sold Christmas Island...otherwise we could have made it a stratigic base for our SAF right? Maybe SAF should consider the feasibility of using one of our other off-shore islands?
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