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7 Jun 2011, 11.31PM
My wife sign up for the course that had funding from CDAC 2 month ago and had the approved by CDAC
Atfer pay up the course fee with a Approved Training Centre (ATC) by CDAC.ATC only give a payment slip without starting date of the course.I had call the ATC asking when will they start the course.Their reply was if they have enough trainee they will start the course on 29 June if not August.Or I can take back my payment.

Is CDAC a goverment funding for learning and training for re-empolyment? 
what is training and learning to CDAC that allow such ATC to collect payment without a course date and what kind of standard do CDAC require from the ATC?

Hoping that Learning and Training will enchance Singaporeans able to look for Jobs and will meet the standard the market requirement.And not to miss use the funding

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