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12 Apr 2011, 8.32PM
What did the Heng guy do when the DBS mini bonds saga exploded? MAS said investment into these
instruments is a personal decision, so pls deal with them yourself.
Unlike Hong Kong where the ministers get only about 1/3 of our  ministers' pay, they managed to get 96% of the returns for their investors. When MAS was pressured to do more, what did they do. They
could only get Gerard Ee to be the mediator. Until now nobody knows  how much they have helped to recover. So when the property prices were rising too rapidly, what did MBT do? He said wait and wait. Until the price were rising too fast, he then happy to introduce the cooling  measures. Did it work? It will not work as liquidity is too great for the market to absorb for now. So if these 2 are to be banded together  in Tampines GRC, I really dun know what will become of Spore. I really wonder whether opposition can ask the PAP to get all the ***** blood  ministers to table what did they do to deserve this type of money.

Daniel Soh
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Neutral Party
Neutral Party
15 Apr 2011, 10.03AM
I think some people need to understand what groupthink means.

Clearly MAS did not follow the Hong Kong example, which would have been groupthink if they did.

Am not stating whether MAS handled the issue correctly or not but seriously, the phrase "groupthink" needs to be used more appropriately.
18 Apr 2011, 11.36AM
Groupthink means no discussion, lah.It is a decision by one man or majority but no deliberation.
14 Apr 2011, 1.25PM
Someone took swift action, not measured one.
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