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4 Oct 2011, 1.37PM
In my neighbourhood (Jalan Teliti), construction is going on to develop a pair of semi-detached houses. I can appreciate the upgrading effort the owners are doing, and I understand and also appreciate the curbing of noise policy in a construction site...however, I believe there is nothing in the policy to address the use of a GENERATOR at the construction site. The constant low hum of this generator is driving my family and I crazy. It is not noisy, it's just the constant humming from 8am to 7pm makes your heart and mind scream. My son is studying for his exams and I have to ask him to stay away from home.

Has anyone experience this before?

The construction site is next to a child care centre and I believe this must also be affecting the sanity of the children and the teachers.

I hope the authorities or a kind soul can address this as it is not normal for a construction site to use a generator unless the owner does not want the contractor to make use of its electricity in the premises.
I am writing this as I do not know who to go to since I am sure the generator's noise level is within the policy guidelines.

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21 Oct 2011, 4.05PM
I think you are quite right in such point of view!
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