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11 May 2011, 10.18PM

I am at loss of what I need to do to get a roof over my family.

I have tried to appeal for rental flat and also apply new flat from HDB but to no avail.

I just want some advice from anyone who can help to overcome my difficulties and help me getting a roof over my head for my kids and me.

Let me highlight what I have done since 2009, just maybe anyone can tell me where should I go from here.

I am a divorcee with 3 children under my custody. Also I was made a bankrupt by my ex-husband’s action of cheating me financially and the bank for non-payments of renovation loan for my first house.

I have to comply with HDB regulation to sell my 4 room flat in 2009 because of my divorce case. My first and only HDB house was sold at a loss.

Since then, I have been staying with my sister’s family (family of 5 kids and 2 adults), together with my parents (2 adults) and another sister’s family (family of 1 kid and 2 adults. In total, there are 16 people occupying the 4-room flat.

Living in a house with 16 people is definitely difficult. It has somehow or rather invaded my family’s as well as my sisters’ families privacy. My children and I are now sleeping in the living room. Our belongings are scattered around and are mostly kept in the storeroom. My kids have no place to study peaceful

In order to provide a more conducive environment for my growing children, I have been in correspondence with HDB and have visited the MP thrice in my effort to purchase a flat. However, up till now, I am still without any home of my own.

I had appealed for the following since 2009

  1. Rental – not eligible to rent due to income ceiling (even before I can submit my online)

  2. New HDB flats/ Returned flats – HDB loan & the use of CPF funds to pay for resale levy.

In their reply, HDB is only able to give a small loan of $100k as I am a sole breadwinner and a bankrupcy and will consider the use of CPF funds to pay for resale levy. They also suggested that I consider applying under BTO.

As per their advice, I have applied for 3 BTOs and all three applications were rejected as priority was given to first-time buyers and my number is above the supply of flats. Only if you are a first timer, then they will reconsider.

This is my dilemma and problem.

I am caught in the situation where:=

  1. I was in the position to apply a new house from HDB because of my non-first timer status and priority given to first-time buyer.

  2. I cannot rent a flat from HDB because of my high income ceiling.

  3. I cannot rent a flat from open market because I am cash strap and need the cash for my family expenses (my ex-husband is unemployed and does not give maintenance expenses)

  4. I cannot buy a flat from open market because of my bankruptcy status.

This is my last resort to seek anyone’s help for my predicaments.

My next question is, it takes estimated 3 – 5 years for the BTO houses to be up and if they keep rejecting my application, when am I able to get a home. As times goes by, houses are becoming more and more expensive and my children are growing.

I am asking for help or alternative that I could have in trying to provide home, shelter and security for my children so that they are able to live and grow conducively.

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