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23 Feb 2011, 11.10PM
My Marsiling Estate worst, Town Council has provided at least two burners for residents to burn the incense paper during the 7th month of ghost festival and Lunar Chinese New Year the ninth day of praying lord of Heaven (天公旦)

My inconsiderate neighbour almosts every year around these seasons, burning bulky incense paper, sometimes need to use trolley to carry many cartons of incense paper directly burn on the floor right below my unit, and the area just next to the switch/pump room, how risky and dangerous.

They spent at least one and half hour to burn those incense paper, flames rises about few storey high, ashes with fire all over my common corridor, smokes enter my living and bed room, two hours can not get rid of it.

These issue takes about 10 years until now still not yet been solved, feedback to the relevant department, HDB, Town Council, Police team, so far still haven't solved the problem.

Town council even displayed a poster to remind and educate the resident to avoid burning incense paper near the switch/pump room, but did the one who burns bulky incense paper listening? no, they insist to do what ever they want, despite other resident and racial feeling, so what happen one day caught the fire? even apologize already too late.
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