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15 May 2012, 5.28PM
Parents relief for income tax.

I would like to share my view on the parents relief for income tax. Currently only 1 claim can be made for each parent dependent, however in my family, my parents have 5 children and all 5 have contributed to my parents equally, whether financially or otherwise, why would the law only require 1 claimant of parent relief?

In the IRAS website its mentioned parents relief is to promote and encourage filial piety, Clearly the Government or whoever is in charge,is not trying to only encourage 1 of the children to support their parents?

 Especially with all these studies on reduced TFR, and how many working adults are supporting an elderly, we really would like to encourage everyone who can to support their parents isnt it?

Or is this the authorities conclusion that in Spore's social context usually only 1 child is saddled with the responsibility of looking after the parents while the others wash their hands of it?

Regardless of the income level of the children, I feel so long as they contribute and support the parents they should be allowed to claim for relief. Maybe the government can limit the total amount claimed for the whole family and divide the claim equally among the children.

The current situation as it is, there's always need for arguments/discussions on which child should claim parents relief. 

Also there is a higher claim for children who leaves with the parents. To be very honest, sometimes the child who lives with the parents is not the one who best supports them, he/she could also be the one who is living-off them. I feel all should be treated equally. 

I personally feel this policy is a result of the common mindset in authorities that if more is given it will be abused by the citizens,  but in this case surely if we really want to promote filial piety why should we begrudge them? The authorities can always ask for documentary proof that the children really contribute to the parents.

We should re-think about this policy that only 1 child can claim parents relief, the situation as it is today, it will encourage those who cannot claim, to "thow" all the responsibility of looking after the parents to only the one who is claiming the parents relief

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