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Growing Food Locally
AVA responds to contributor's feedback on growing food locally.

Shortage of Infantcare & Childcare
EDCA replies to contributor's feedback on infantcare and childcare.

Tribunal to Settle Neighbourly Disputes
Neighbourly disputes can be settled at the new Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals.

Police to Take Measured Response to Illegal Drinking
The Ministry of Home Affairs has released a statement to clarify how responses would be carried out in lieu of the new Liquor Control Bill.

NEA to Take Action Against Restaurant for Flouting Hygiene Regulations
The National Environment Agency (NEA) is set to take enforcement action against Hotpot Culture.

Rats Nabbed in 14-hour Operation
Extermination team staked out the rat colony in Bukit Batok.

SMRT Working With the Authorities to Address Vulnerabilities at Bishan Depot
SMRT explains security breach at Bishan depot.

Voluntary Cash Top-up of CPF
MOF replies to feedback related to the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS).

National Development Ministry Explains Town Council Surplus and Grant Issues
MND responds to media questions and online discussion about town council grant issues.

Eligibility for Child Tax Relief
IRAS responds to contributor's feedback on child tax relief.

Mobile App to Report Errant Food Handlers
NEA responds to contributor's feedback on mobile app to report errant food handlers.

Measures to Protect Consumers Being Considered
Various Ministers and MPs have responded to calls for greater consumer protection in light of the recent Sim Lim Square incidents.

‘Completion Delay, Misjudgement’ Contributed to Stadium’s Pitch Woes
Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong says remedy measures have resulted in vast improvements to pitch conditions.

MHA: Definition of Animals Under Road Traffic Act Will Not be Expanded
Responding to media queries, MHA has said it is standing by its decision on not changing the Road Traffic Act.

Lasting Power of Attorney System has Adequate Safeguards
Social and Family Development Minister Chan Chun Sing stressed that the LPA scheme has adequate safeguards.

Authorities Investigate Former China Tour Guide Yang Yin
The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority investigates Yang Yin's PR status

The Difference Between REACH and MSO
There have been queries on the distinction between REACH and the Municipal Services Office (MSO) with regard to channelling of feedback to relevant ag...

NEA: Stern warning for woman who defecated outside Holland Village MRT
REACH contributors have surfaced the news of a woman who defecated outside Holland Village MRT station last month. The National Environment Agency has...

What Municipal Services Office Aims to Achieve
In the recent discussions on the Municipal Services Office (MSO), some REACH contributors have asked for more clarity on the role of MSO. The Mini...

NLB’s Selection and Review Processes
In the discussion of NLB’s decision to withdraw three children’s picture books, some contributors felt NLB should also examine its book selection proc...

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Your Feedback Our Response - Archives

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