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Checks on Educational Credentials of S Pass and Employment Pass Applicants
Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say outlined checks in place to verify qualifications of Employment Pass and S Pass applicants.

Verification of Educational Qualifications When Applying for Citizenship and PR
Minister Masagos Zukifli explained the rigorous evaluation process for each Singapore Citizenship and Permanent Residency application.

Difference Between Medisave and Medishield
Contributor Ronnie Yeo asked the difference between MediShield and Medisave. He also shared his concern that older Singaporeans have to come up with a...

MOH Replies on Medisave Withdrawal Limit
Contributor Deon Tay Kim Lee shared a letter he wrote to ST Forum. In his letter, he said while he applauded the implementation of Medishield Life, he...

CPF Life Plan Can Be Switched, on Case-by-case Basis
Some REACH contributors and members of public have feedback that CPF members were not allowed to switch CPF Life plans should they have a change in mi...

Should I Downgrade My Private Insurance Plan to MediShield Life?
Ministry of Health explains if one should downgrade from private insurance plan to MediShield Life.

Increase In Tertiary Tuition Fees
Earlier this year, it was announced that the four Government-funded universities, five polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) hav...

REACH Contributors’ Questions on MediShield Life Answered!
Do you have a question on MediShield Life?  REACH has put together a list of questions posed by REACH contributors on our platforms, and the ...

Reply to Your Feedback on Redundancy & Re-employment Rates for PMETs
In response to the “Redundancy and Re-entry into Employment, 2013” report released  by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on 24 April, a contributor...

Reply to Feedback on Street Hawking
A few REACH contributors have raised concerns on whether the $120 per year licence fee for street hawkers is applicable to people who sell tissue pack...

Reply to Your Feedback on Assistance for Digital TV
A contributor commented that with the implementation of digital TV, non-pay-TV subscribers are forced to purchase a set-top box and there are no...

Reply to Your Feedback on Studio Apartments
On 26 April 2014, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan officiated the groundbreaking ceremony for “Kampung Admiralty” in Woodlands, a new...

Replies to Your Feedback  on Cheating Cases Targeting the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme
Following a news report on the growing number of cheating cases targeting the Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme, a contributor c...

Replies to Your Feedback on Land Optimising Efforts
Responding to a news report on JTC Corporation’s efforts to explore the possibility of erecting office buildings, light industries and walkways ...

Reply to Feedback on Rat Sighting
A REACH contributor highlighted a report on rats sighted around the McDonalds outlet at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.   The National Env...

Replies to Your Feedback  on Hazy Conditions
The recent hazy conditions in Singapore prompted discussion among some REACH contributors. Contributor Lau KS suggested the use of choppe...

Wrap up of Budget 2014
REACH and the Ministry of Finance would like to say a big 'Thank you' to all who have contributed their views and suggestions for Budget 2014! We wou...

Medisave Use to be Expanded
During REACH’s Pre-Budget feedback exercise (22 November 2013 to 29 January 2014), contributors also brought up the affordability of healthcare, and t...

Replies To Your Feedback on CAAS Protocol
The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Changi Airport Group (CAG) have responded to contributor’s feedback on the protocols, p...

PSI to include PM2.5 levels from April 2014
Updated on 25 March 2014 The new PSI index will be implemented on 1 April 2014. Original Post on 17 March 2014 During the haze situation ...

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Post-Budget Forum 2013 – Opening Remarks by Dr Amy Khor and Mrs Josephine Teo


Policy Study Workgroups Appreciation Lunch on 23 September 2009 - Opening Speech by Dr Amy Khor
REACH's Chairman, Dr Amy Khor announced the formation of three new Policy Study Workgroups

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