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8 Mar 2012, 10.24AM
by REACH Administrator

In the coming year, smokers will have fewer public places to light up at as the smoking ban will be extended to common corridors, void decks, staircases of residential buildings, sheltered walkways, overhead bridges and outdoor hospital compounds.  Smoking will also be prohibited within a five-metre radius around bus shelters.  Smoking is currently not allowed in most indoor public areas and on all public transport.

This move follows a public consultation exercise last year by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Health Promotion Board (HPB), which attracted 8,000 respondents with 89% of them supporting an extension of the smoking ban. About 85% wanted the extension to include residential buildings.

Senior Minister of State (Environment and Water Resources) Grace Fu, told Parliament that the implementation of this move will be refined in consultation with the community and building owners.  The long-term goal is to prohibit smoking in all public places except at designated smoking areas."Our aim, in collaboration with HPB, is to work towards a future where Singaporeans consider smoking not only detrimental to health, but also socially unacceptable", she said.

Here, we bring you SMS Grace Fu's speech in Parliament on " Enhancing the Quality of Life " delivered on 6 March 2012.
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Victor Tan
27 Jan 2014, 11.33AM
Is there a law prohibiting residents from smoking inside their flat?

I have inconsiderate neighbours who smoke inside their flats (1 same level as mine and another a unit below mine), and their 2nd hand smoke always flows over to my unit.

What recourse do I have against such inconsiderate neighbours if there is no such law in place to prevent such inconsiderate behaviours?
Dave Choy
11 Jan 2014, 1.16PM
When launched months ago, this could well be a word leading initiative in protecting the health and rights smokers. But it is sad to see that it will be doomed to failure due to lack of enforcement.

Just walk around a public area for 30 minutes and you will see a handful of errand smokers flouting the rules; many of then feigning ignorance of the new rules.

If lack of manpower is the reason then volunteers may enlisted like the anti littering drive. More posters may be put up at bus stop and others locations where anti smoking rules are flouted to inform the public these new rules.

Announcing this new rules and not enforcing it correctly creates friction between non smokers and smokers who encroaches on the formers space and right to smoke free air.

Until this rules can be made successful, we should not implement new initiatives like alcohol restriction in public places. It will just double up the joke.
9 Oct 2013, 8.43PM
I suggest that HDB builds "Non-smoking HDB Flats", that the owner buying a unit, must first take an oath to stay smokefree.

Those units caught with someone smoking inside, whether it is the owner/ tenants or guests, will be warned and heavily fined. Hardcore smoking cases shall be dealt with a compulsory HDB buyback at say 80% prevailing market rate for "Non-smoking HDB Flats" sector. The monies can be used to promote non-smoking in the neighbourhood.

I will be the first to queue for a unit. 
9 Oct 2013, 4.16PM
My neighbour smokes everyday without fail along the common corridor and complaints to NEA is useless because they do not try heard enough to catch the culprit(s). Confrontations with the hard core smoker always nearly end up in fights, I am fed up with the NEA for not taking action and I think they should scrap the smoking ban totally if they are not able to impose fines on those smokers who smoke in banned areas.

Now I am thinking of installing a powerful fan on the outside of my HDB apartment to blow away the smoke.
5 Dec 2013, 12.07AM
I Think you should start spraying insecticides at the point where they smokes( probably outside your unit) the moment they started lighting up their cigarette.
20 Sep 2013, 1.15PM
Could all Town Council please print and distribute free decals to all HDB residents? A few per household, so we can stick on our glass windows facing the common corridors.

Please print large "No Smoking" sign with wordings "No Smoking in Common Corridors, Lift Landings and Staircases. Fine $xxx"

We need such reminders and warning signs for INCONSIDERATE SMOKERS living in our neighbourhood. My neighbour is still smoking in these areas every night!
22 Oct 2013, 4.33PM
It is pointless to extend the smoking ban to so many places if the enforcement efforts against people who flout the rules are not in place.

The truth is, even with such bans in place, I still see people smoking at bus stops, at void decks, on overhead bridges and even in parks...on a daily basis!! I also see more and more young students in their uniforms even smoking in public areas! Are they actually allowed to do that? 

So what is the point of saying that you are not allowed to smoke in this or that area? People will still continue to smoke illegally at these areas and no one dares to confront them to stop smoking (for fear of smokers getting hostile towards you, and, the normal person has no powers to demand that they stop as well). Where are all the NEA enforcement officers to detect all these errant smokers and possibly fine them? Are there any such enforcement officers around in the first place?

The government needs to increase enforcement efforts (just like the strict enforcement for parking coupon offences at carparks)'s not enough to say that you cannot smoke in this or that area because I believe most smokers wouldn't care! ...unless maybe they are punished according to what is prescribed in the law...

13 Sep 2013, 9.15AM
There are cigarette ashes in my room and on the bed too. Why can't smoker be considerate. All the ban is actually cause by the smoker yourself don't blame others.

20 Sep 2013, 2.18PM
If smokers had been considerate, it wouldn't be an issue in the first place. Unfortunately, the considerate ones are a minority, and they need rules and fines to keep them in check. If smokers could smoke thoughtlessly around family members and kids, what good can you expect from them? And the self-centered ones are still breaking the law in public since there are no enforcements. There will always be some that refuse "education".

I don't see why non-smokers have to put up with their filthy habit for so many generations. It's time to reverse the situation. Ban tobacco cigarettes all together! Knowing full well that nothing can stop them from quitting unless they have the willpower, get them to switch to smokeless e-cigarettes and nicotine patches. Protect non-smokers, family members and neighbours from second-hand smoke NOW!
12 Aug 2013, 3.41PM
For a Smoke-Free Singapore, a 2-step approach should be implemented at the same time:

1. Ban traditional tobacco cigarette sales and use completely within
Singapore, but allow existing smokers to switch to smokeless
e-cigarettes and nicotine patches. This rule covers all, including
visitors/ tourists. Smokers get their nicotine kick, but minus the
second-hand smoke to non-smokers around.

2. Ban cigarette sales (all kinds) to those born from Year 2000.
22 Aug 2013, 10.34AM
Singapore Government, on one hand sings Smoking Ban 'Exercise' and 'Good Results', but in actual fact : More and More smokers, because Government Wants the tax money from cigarette sales!

Parents smoke in front of babies and small kids, making them having a start since a very young age. In Pasir Ris Park View primary, there are so many kids smoking in the MSCP. If you do not believe, come and have a look. I complained to Town Council, School management, they treat my concerns as nuisance.

In every primary and secondary school you have a significant amount of smokers: ask any school and they will tell you. This includes elite schools.

Taxi drivers are another bunch of law breakers. They speed on the road with one hand outside smoking non stop. Do you think they stop smoking back home? No. they continue to smoke and pollute everything.

In terms of smoking, Singaproe Government is just ***.

What we can do is to

1. Use CCTV and post the smokers pictures online. Post on the Town Council page. Email to the Minister. I did that I got rid of 3 smokers near my unit. One of them died of cancer recently.

2. Walk up to the smoker and tell him he is killing himself. Just tell him" you will get cancer and so will your family. declare right in his face. This is a fact. Even if he will not feel guilty, he will die of cancer in no time.

3. Continue to put pressure on the Government. Do you want your kids to pick up smoking when going to Army? The fact: MANY NS MEN turn smokiing. SAF : Smoking Addict Federation. Even the commanders smoking like a train! How to fight?

3 Aug 2013, 11.03PM
smoking allowed openly in coffeeshop opposite yishun safra.
3 Aug 2013, 6.15PM
guys feel free to join smoke alarm group in  face book cfor latest smoking ban updates. 0r  Look for logic chinese
29 May 2013, 10.51PM
Thank you all for putting your comments, I feel relieve that there are like minded ppl with regards to this issue of smoking.

I have a brother who is a smoker and does not work so he smokes the whole day at home, in the toliet, at the kitchen whole day.

I work till late at night and goes back home about 10pm to have dinner and shower but unfortunately with that amount of smoke in the house I cant eat or cant bath till the smells dissipates.

I can bath in the master bedroom where my father sleeps but he's already sleeping by then, unfortunately, really forced to do so because I really can't bath in a smoke chamber. 

I hope the idea of a smoking corner comes about so anyone who smokes will do so at the corner away from all non smokers.

Everyone is stressed in Singapore, come on does smoking really help you reduce stress? Do you really look cool smoking? Is a smoker a sign that you are a rebel, badboy? Don watch too much movies and think you are the lead actors, smokes are a lot cheaper else where and they earn more than you, and you will never be them.

Hit the gym get a decent body, practice some form of religion to have a direction in life, help someone in need,  instead of puffing your life away.
28 Mar 2013, 1.24PM
I agree with what the government is doing. We have a vision for Singapore, and it is essential that we take it one step at a time. If the rules were to suddenly force smokers to only smoke in those areas, the government would probably have to face controversy. This is a good step to start moulding the culture in Singapore. Smoking if detrimental to health and if excessive amounts of Singaporeans start to go out of control, we would have no choice but to curb the problem by adding restrictions. The only possible way this might not work positively is that people pay no regard to it, and therefore, it is essential that the government stresses the strictness in this decision.
14 May 2013, 2.31AM
I seriously hope something would be done to tackle this issue. Although they have a right to smoke in their house. But the air belongs to everybody, smoking directly under someone's house should be considered as an intrusion of personal freedom to breathe fresh air. I am a student and my neighbour smokes at his window directly underneath my bedroom, therefore i feel oppressed by his lack of inconsideration. I am able to tolerate some level of public smoking as it can be avoided by holding your breath or walking away. However when i am at home i feel so helpless and I can't avoid it. I strongly believe that tackling smoking in housing estates will bring much more good to the society as people can live in their houses without the fear of constant air pollution. Therefore i urge the goverment set up regulations such as making it mandatory for smokers to use a smoke absorbing machine within their homes and ban neighbours from smoking at their windows.Thank you.
7 Feb 2013, 11.41PM
As many places in Singapore is banned for smoking. Smokers will turn smoking at home especially at the window and balcony...another great issue will arise, as the second smoke will enter into above houses.
That's a issue I'm neighbour below is smoking in interval of 15 min to half an hour. My balcony door and windows must always be closed or my house will be like a smoking den. And many instances my daughter will be the victim as the hall is her play area.

I have spoken to this neighbour but he continues his way. I have no choice but file a report to HDB but they can't do anything too as he is smoking at his premises.

I think the government should ban smoker's smoke from entering others houses too. This issue really affect us very much yet nothing we can do to stop.

25 Jan 2013, 1.09PM
wherever can smoke?
anybody can tell, if the rubbishpin top is having the ash tray, can we smoke there?
21 Jan 2013, 10.06PM
Despite the recent ban, my neighbour is still smoking in HDB common corridors and at the staircase.

To whom or where do we report such smokers breaking the rules??
15 Jan 2013, 3.35PM
I can't support it as I think that it's a terrible idea in principle. As others have pointed out, why not extend this to car exhaust? Or farts? Or Body Odour? It would have been better to resolve clearly where and how the line is drawn is reached.

Another poster also pointed out a flaw in the implemention. We are penalizing the consumer when it would be more justified to protect the consumer and penalize the producer of this item. Raising taxes on cigarettes penalizes the consumer, banning the sale of cigarettes would penalize the manufacturer. 

In the past, Singapore has banned the sale of chewing gum instead of imposing guidelines on where you can or cannot chew gum. I think that makes more sense then a smoking ban.
1 Jan 2013, 9.58PM
Wow all of you are such zealots.  How about we ban cars too while we're at it,eh?
12 Jan 2013, 1.12AM
Agreed !
 Please Ban Cars. They are far worse than Ciggy.
Please don't do things in a half bake fashion.
11 Oct 2013, 1.19PM
Don't be *** lah you smokers! There's no such thing as you have the right to smoke. Nobody has the God ***** right to do damage to their or other people's health. Keep that in mind.
17 Nov 2013, 6.34PM
Does smoking helps you get from Jurong to Bedok at an average of 60 km/h? Or at top speeds of 90 km/h?

Smoking is a useless and harmful activity that serves no feasible purpose or benefits to the community. Whereas, pollutants from vehicles are but an inexorable by-product.

While technology is improving exponentially, greener alternatives to vehicles, such as diesel-free fuel, are being developed. If you care so much about the community, don't smoke and get an electric car.

There are limitations to science and technology when it comes to smokers. These inconsiderate brutes refuse to kick their habit, most of them smoking in public places. While we can always develop cleaner alternatives for vehicles, there are no 'greener alternative' for cigarettes.

While the proposal is about banning smoking, nicotine patches are not on the list. So go satisfy your PATHETIC addiction with a nicotine patch or cold turkey. Don't propose *****, unfeasible ideas.
1 Jan 2013, 9.15PM
No smoking education should go all the way to TV media, channel 5, 8, suria, vasantham. Places like coffeeshops, hawker centres, bus stops, excercise areas, parks, MRT stations, HDB void decks, homes etc. All public dustbins should have no smoking sign label. Strong enforcement is also neeeded. You can ban many public places with no smoking, but no action taken is useless., smokers just simply don't care.
24 Dec 2012, 12.49PM
Why we can't ban selling of cigarette like we ban selling of chewing gum? Is chewing gum doing more harm than cigarette?

I have a neighbour below my unit who always smoke near the window as he do not want his family members get the 2nd hand smoke, then it makes my family gets the 2nd hand smoke. What can I do with this?

And all these banning that are implement will be useless when no one enforce it. If I report the offences, by the time your enforcer is here, those smokers already get back home after their smoke.

Just ban it....
8 Oct 2012, 10.22AM
The majority of Singaporeans do not smoke. Why is our health held ransom by the 14% who smoke? They do not care about their health or the well being of their wives, children, friends and loved ones and continue to smoke and expose them to the risks of 2nd hand smoke. Why would they care about exposing other people to their 2nd hand smoke? Please do more to protect us from 2nd hand smoke, it kills.
10 Oct 2012, 12.19AM
it is really sad that nothing can be done except to be stuck with smoking neighbours. inhaling high dosage of second hand smoke is not an enjoyable experience.
13 Aug 2012, 8.00PM
I can't wait for the rules to kick in, especially at common corridors and staircases. When will this be implemented? I'm literally *sick* and tired of having to breathe polluted air, thanks to our chain-smoking neighbour next door.
30 Sep 2012, 12.28AM
Same goes here i would like officials. to take action on this asap. Both my neighbours are chain smokers and also on the top floor there are group of people always smoking while chit chatting for hours and hours and the smoke is directly entering into the house..we are really fedup and not sure what action should be taken. can't able to breath proper air..i will get slight headache if i breath cigar smoke while travelling i will even vomit...also found few ppl on the streets are smoking on the face itself..not sure why the ppl doesn't have any curtosy towards others..why non smokers should suffer for this..i knew here now and there ppl are getting fined while smoking in public places and i even found alot of ppl smoking under the smoking sign banned sign board itself..not sure why the action is not taken on them.. Hope proper action will be taken to maintain clean and green environment...
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