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17 Feb 2012, 8.47PM
REACH contributors are overwhelmingly supportive of the need for eldercare facilities that are integrated with the neighbourhoods. This is their response towards residents’ objections to the building of studio apartments in Toh Yi estate and an eldercare centre at void deck of two Woodlands HDB blocks. 

Rebuking Toh Yi and Woodlands residents for being ‘selfish’ and not ‘forward looking’, they feel it is important to inculcate values such as filial piety in our young. A few however feel that plans for building such facilities should be communicated to the residents early, to facilitate the consultation process.

Contributors warmly praise the Health Ministry’s decision to proceed with the Woodlands eldercare centre, saying that it is a good and rational move. Besides benefiting the elderly, such services will also alleviate the burden on caregivers of the elderly. Similar sentiments were raised during a health webchat with REACH Chairman Dr. Amy Khor on 16 Feb. 

On catering to the needs of elderly within the community, contributors make many suggestions:-
  • Designate areas for studio apartments in mature housing estates
  • Conduct polls to find out preferences of residents
  • Give priority to residents who have voted for the eldercare facilities 
  • Build eldercare facilities and child care centres together within an estate.
On the whole, contributors agree that eldercare facilities are critical in view of Singapore’s rapidly greying population, although some question if the government has a coordinated long-term plan for elderly care. The Health Ministry has announced that the Government is aggressively ramping up services and facilities for the elderly to cope with the expected surge in demand by 2020.  This includes increasing the number of nursing home beds and rehabilitation care places

We bring to you what contributors say on REACH’s platforms:

“Because today's youth are tomorrow's senior citizens - and this culture of providing accommodation and care for our elders will benefit them too - especially if they choose to remain single.” – Johnny Ho, via Facebook

“I continue to be firmly on the side of Eldercare facilities in proximity to those that need it. It would be better if a 3year, 5year, 10year plan were unveiled for all to see and raise early objections, thoughts, alternative suggestions.” – Gerrythinks, via Discussion Forum.

“These old folks are no more different than our own parents, or even ourselves… they are merely human beings who have lived longer than us - Is it wrong to give them a place to stay?” – Guest, via Discussion Forum

“Besides improving our aged care infrastructure, I strongly urged the ministry to focus on educating our younger Singaporeans on the current aged care scene in Singapore. This helps to instill healthy worldviews on the senior population.” – Guest, via Discussion Forum

“The govt should inculcate values and include these in the education curriculum for all students from young. Schools should include elderly home visits and activities with the elderly as a compulsary cca for all students.” – Rahimah Jasmin, via Facebook

“The elderly services complements what the family is doing for the parents… All enables us to have elders who are not lonely and can remain active in society. All towards building a vibrant Singapore, one where all ages have a part to play.” Guest, via Discussion Forum

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