The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA)
Council for Estate Agencies, Policy and Planning Division
Consultation Period:
26 Apr 2021 - 14 May 2021

Detailed Description


The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) is conducting a short survey to seek your feedback on the current requirement for individuals who wish to become property agents to first attend the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course before being eligible to sit for the RES examination. We are gathering feedback if such individuals could be given a choice to study on their own and/or attend a course to prepare for the examination.

Currently, all RES examination candidates are to attend a RES examination preparatory course conducted by the Approved Course Providers (ACPs) endorsed by CEA, before registering for the RES examination. 

The ACPs conduct the RES course according to the RES examination syllabus, with a minimum duration of 50 hours. The individual, with at least 75% course attendance will be given the ACP certificate of course completion to then apply to sit for the RES examination. The certificate has a validity period of two years so that course participants have the currency of knowledge to attempt the examination.  

Once the individual passes the RES examination and meets all the prevailing eligibility criteria, he can apply to CEA to be a property agent.  

Please complete the questionnaire to provide your views on how a prospective property agent can be prepared for the RES examination to join the real estate agency industry.