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Q: What happens to my feedback submitted through the General Feedback Form?

A:. REACH will channel your feedback to the relevant government agency(s) within three working days. Should you wish to check on the status of your feedback, please contact us at 1800-3535555 or e-mail: and quote your Acknowledgement ID number.

Q: What happens to my feedback submitted through the Public Consultations?

A: The feedback received through the public consultations will be channelled directly to the relevant government agency which posted the paper for consultation.

Q: I am using browsers such as Firefox and Mozilla as my default Internet browser. Why can't I submit my feedback when using these browsers?

A: The Portal is best viewed with Internet Explorer 7 and above or Firefox 3.0. Should you encounter problems in accessing our website and/or submitting your feedback online, please send us an email at and we will be glad to assist further.

Q: I work from an Apple computer. Can I still access the Portal?

A: Yes, you can still view the information and submit your feedback online.

FAQs on REACH Feedback Process

Q: What is REACH's role in the feedback process? Does REACH filter or censor feedback received from contributors?
A: Besides soliciting feedback and channelling it to the agencies, we facilitate communication between the citizens and government agencies by proactively initiating discussions on various topics. We also also seek to get a sense of ground sentiments ground sentiments and gather feedback on policy issues on a continuous basis.

All feedback submitted to REACH, regardless of the sentiments expressed, is read by REACH staff, and surfaced to the relevant agencies for information and consideration. Our staff also track response time closely to ensure that the loop is closed with the contributor.

We do not edit or filter any of the feedback received. However, we reserve the right to remove topics or postings on our Discussion Forum that are deemed inappropriate, irrelevant and/or insensitive to other users in accordance with our Terms of Use, so as to ensure that our Forum remains a welcoming place for contributors.

Q: I have submitted a feedback to REACH on the Discussion Forum. How do I know if the government agency has replied?
A: REACH will keep the relevant agencies informed of your feedback. However, please note that the need for a reply is assessed by the respective agency concerned, who is the policy initiator. We seek your kind understanding that agencies will need time to evaluate, investigate and consider the feedback that are surfaced to them.

For replies to feedback on the REACH Discussion Forum, REACH will post an agency's reply on the relevant thread once they respond to us. An example of an agency response may be viewed here. For feedback through our platforms, agencies' replies will be sent to you through your email address or other contact details provided.

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FAQs on Discussion Forum/ Blog Us

Q: Do I need to post a summary when I am doing a posting?
A: You can post directly on the "Content" column when you are submitting an article. If your article is a lengthy one, you are encouraged to give a short description of it under the "Summary" column.

Q: Why was my posting deleted?
A: . Postings which breach our website's Terms of Use will be removed from the Portal. Please see our forum rules for more details. Separately, as part of our regular housekeeping of the discussion forum, inactive discussion threads and postings will also be archived.

FAQs on Podcasts and Vodcasts

Q: What is a podcast or vodcast?

A: A podcast is simply a digital audio file that is distributed over the Internet. Video Podcasts, commonly called vodcasts, include the same features as the audio version.

The files are downloaded to your computer where they can be played on your computer's media player and you can listen to it directly from your computer.

Q: What do I need to hear podcasts or view vodcasts?

A: Once you click on the 'Download' icon, you should be able to listen to the podcast or view the vodcast from your computer (provided your computer has a media player and a sound card).

Q: Why don't I hear or view anything?

A: First of all, check that you've got a media player on your computer. It could even be something simple, like the sound is turned down on your machine, or your speakers or headphones may not be connected properly.

Q: What format will the podcasts and vodcasts be in?

A: They are in either mp3, wma, mid, wmv or mpg formats.

Q: Do I need an iPod to get a podcast?

A: No. In fact, anything will work, as long as it plays audio files. You can even listen on your computer.


Q: What is RSS?

A: RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy way to be updated automatically on websites of your choice. Instead of having to revisit a website to see if it has fresh content, you can view an aggregation of latest headlines via a feed reader which collects news from your selected websites. This service is free and for personal, non-commercial use.

To subscribe to our RSS Feed, you will need to download a programme called a feed reader (or "news aggregator"). This displays RSS information feeds from your favourite websites on your computer.

Different feed readers are available, many for free.

RSS Feed For: Podcast and Vodcast

Q: How do I access RSS?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Install a feed reader
    To use RSS, you will need a feed reader that will download and display the RSS content. There are many different versions available, many for free. Some are applications that you download and install. Others are web-based and work inside your browser. The feed reader also allows you to view data feeds from other news sources on the same page. You can download a reader here.

  2. Select the content you want
    The REACH website currently only offers RSS channels for our 'Podcasts and Vodcasts' section.

  3. Subscribe to RSS feed
    To receive an RSS feed from our 'Podcasts and Vodcasts' section, copy and paste the URL into your feed reader.


Post-Budget Forum 2013 – Opening Remarks by Dr Amy Khor and Mrs Josephine Teo


Policy Study Workgroups Appreciation Lunch on 23 September 2009 - Opening Speech by Dr Amy Khor
REACH's Chairman, Dr Amy Khor announced the formation of three new Policy Study Workgroups

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